Application Development

I offer custom solutions that set new industry standards, and help my clients prosper from emerging opportunities instead of coping with systems problems. I continually search for opportunities to leverage the talent, professionalism, and understanding to create incomparable software & web experiences as I believe that good business means building innovative technologies that have massive appeal. I find the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet the customer's specific requirements, budget and goals. I realize that the needs of every business and customer is different.

I adopt following steps for processing a good software solution :


  • Assessment and Requirements Analysis
  • Project Definition and Detailed Specification


  • Coding/Development>/li>
  • Content/Database Design, Development, and Integration


  • Testing and Debugging
  • User Acceptance Testing


  • Implementation
  • Trial run with old backup / dummy data


  • Post-sale support
  • Maintenance

I guide the customer through the entire systematic process so at the end of the project, he has solidly written and documented, user friendly, fully functional software, and also a plan in place for maintenance and ongoing support.

As the technology is always changing at a fast pace, I assure that I remain up to date on all current trends being used by top developers. The key components that we provide for service & solution not only include technical experience, but also take into consideration human factors, system study - designing - development, installation, user training , simplicity, and much more.